Cleveland Memory Project: History is so much about the Future!

Three things to look at:

Gateway to 19,000 images - delivers a thumbnail image first, then click on to the image with printed copies available upon request. The pictures show snapshots of life and living in Cleveland.

The Cleveland Memory Project begins with historic sites across Cleveland marked by Google map red maps. Clicking on the sites reveals layers of information about the structure.

CMP is a static platform delivery system for people inquiring about landmarks. Bill is also experimenting with social tech platforms, such as FlickR, blogs, etc. The Cuyahoga County Fair has asked Bill to apply technologies to connect people in ways that they have not before.

The Greater Cleveland History Library Consortium -how to interconnect the digital histories are many regional Cleveland organizations.

A new collaborative project is to create a 3D exploration of Cleveland based on images and offered in time sequences.

This kind of platform could be used for historic, tourism interests, rental/purchase space. The only infrastructure that needs to be integrated is bandwidth and permissions which are easy enough to work out.

What is Cleveland? Will vary from generation to generation. We might thnk of Paul Newman but someone else might think of Halle Berry.


How do we strengthen the connections to the historic pieces of Cleveland?

How do we integrate GIS with this?

There are other models: Colorado, etc.

Fly throughs are where we need to be to be able to experience material in 3D.

Map important events for example, map important events of innovation and link stories to the sites by adding a social technology platform.

Susan Miller: our geography has dictacted our environment and our actions in the past. How does this shift affect how we need to teach our children now? Put in a zoom function to view the geography from the glacial time to presetn. Maps are a great way to develop our conceptual thinking. (Is this one way to accelerate our thinking about the future?)

What is the historical value of our landmarks?

There is a need for social engagement of all of the organizations that archive huge repositories of information to share information. There needs to be a strategic process to network people together.

Fly throughs are critical for communications. We need a virtual museum of stories, history, images.


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