Unseen Small Business Contributions to Innovation Huge

Here is an article sent by one of our library information science partners about the unseen value small businesses bring to economic development. The article is from eJournal USA: Economic Perspectives 2006, by Derek Leebaert, entitled "How Small Businesses Contribute to US Economic Expansion":

"Small businesses contribute much more to the U.S. economy and society as a whole than can be calculated just from the spending and profit that they generate. These businesses tend to be more economically innovative than larger companies, more able to respond to changing consumer demand, and more receptive to creating opportunities for women and minorities, and activities in distressed areas. "Building, running, and growing small business is a part of a virtuous cycle of creativity and increasing prosperity that can be applied by dedicated and thoughtful people anywhere," the author says. "There are no secrets, and frequently money is less important than a considered combination of imagination and effort."

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