Sustainability: Trust and Open Economic Networks

We are live at Midtown Wednesdays at Myers University Chester Campus. We are linked to excellent WiFi access in a modern comfortable classroom. Jack Ricchiuto, NEO leader in appreciative leadership, has created a new way to think about building strategic networks.

Open economic networks accelerate information to build transparent environments. Jack talks about the importance of introductions to building networks within communities. Rich relationships build trust and levels of sustainable open networks.

Valdis Krebs, of global thought leader and Cleveland entrepreneur, points out the importance of supporting on line social networking with face-to-face relationship building.

Several other people have come in now. The audience is diverse: artistis, academic , business from sectors investing in sustainability, marketing and branding and quality, connected places.

We are looking at Guidelines to the Introduction Pyramid - ways of calling on relationships, not just people. Here are some examples: Think about introductions that can serve them and you - make it a gain-squared, and, Make your agendas and wants transparent.

Our handouts are graphic maps illustrating The Introduction Pyramid and Guidelines and The 3 Circles, spheres of who we know and the resources they connect to. To download the handouts go here.

Jack has given us new ways of thinking about how to build and leverage networks of collaboration. New tools are fundamental to thinking how we begin to work together to accelerate innovation and entrepreneurship.

Gloria Ferris tells the story of introducing 2 people to each other who ultimately connected many, many other people. This early introduction sparked alot of ideas to action, relationships that still sustain today. Valdis reminds us we need to become known as "connectors" of others. David Beach observes many regional leaders are trained in professions like engineering and law; generally risk adverse professions.


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