Out of Sync: Inappropriate First Curve Behavior

The CuyahogaNext initiative supported by the Cuyahoga County Commissioners Office, is an open process of public participation with guided leadership direction: a typical Second Curve activity.

Change is not easy for some individuals who stubbornly continue to demonstrate out of sync First Curve behavior: ie., communicating in a negative, non-supportive fashion behind-the-scenes to constituents and attempting to discredit public process by enacting actions to derail or hijack activities for their own benefit.

This kind of behavior does not build trust and respect. We learned this in Kindergarten. And, we don't have time to waste.

New solutions to the complex challenges we all face need to designed and put into place as soon as possible. This will be accomplished by everyone working together, sharing resources and pitching in. Catastrophies, $5.00 gallons of gasoline and natural disasters do not discriminate between individuals who have money and those who do not.

It is time to move forward quickly with transformative initiatives that make a difference. This is already happening in the Midtown Innovation Zone.

And Baldwin Wallace College and the City of Berea, Kent State University and the City of Kent, Hiram College and Hiram Township and the Fairview Park Library and the Fairview business leadership.

The next time you hear or see First Curve Behavior ignore it; give your attention to the County Commissioners who have relentlessly continued to look ahead.


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