MidTown Development Inc Annual Meeting

We're at the Myers University for the MidTown Development Annual Meeting. Mark Dodash, Editor of Crain's Cleveland, is the keynote speaker...

Title of our meeting: Open...to Possiblilities

There are about 100 people enjoying lunch, reviewing business, past accomplishments and future dreams.

Talking about the publication's growing coverage of industrial space...another story about college graduate finding more and more opportunity coming out of college. Although there are other concerns...with shifting of populations with not much inflow...with Cleveland just holding there own...less of an educated workforce and compared to the US, we are at alower level. This is a probelm with moving toward a tech economy. Cleveland's loss is to the gain of other suburbs. There are reasons for hope. The more we can position ourselves as providing opportunity...and the amount of brainpower that is here with the Cleveland Clinic and other institutions. Medicine and manufacturing...Sherwin Williams continues to innovate...

Compared to Boston as a center of excellence for medical innovation, Cleveland continues to do well. There is alot of activity going on that we don't see...pockets of activity.

Crain's was one of the first organizations to be contacted by MidTown about the MidTown Master Plan and the Euclid Corridor. Michael Cottichia and Jim Haviland were the first ones to go tothe Crain's office about ODOT activities.

The presence of fresh water (here in NEO) is the ace in the hole...just how long will the source of water last in other regions like NM and CA? ...There still are things we have going for us here that other regions do not.

Mark is appreciated by his wife and vise versa...we should appreciate what we have in each other. MidTown Cleveland is critically important to the city and we should appreciate what we have.


Q: How do we work to keep the ramps open in MidTown?
A: Not sure how the marginal roads can provide ths seam access that the roads camn

Q: What is the political spending cap and how will it affect ...Comments on the spending capital for ...legislation.

Q: What do you think the outcome of the Mayore aeffrots to collaborate with thoutlyeing comuntise>?
A: Don't know...case by case basis. It is good there is dialogue and the efforts of such groups as Team NEO are valuable...we need to position NEO as a center of brainpooiwer and tansportation...if we work togther , we can do this better than indidivuallly when pushing for development.

Q: It is hard to understand....why county commissioners are not taking a strong approach to helping not to move people quickly through Cleveland.


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