A Business Dean's Letter on Open Source Economic Development

Joyce A. Banjac, Ph.D. Dean of the McDonald School of Business, Myers University, our Midtown Wednesdays forum host, describes the value of collaborative partnerships between industry, regions and society as it pertains to their own experience partnering with Open Source Economic Development activities in Midtown. Read more here.

Dr. Banjac published research on the value of building collaborative partnerships between industry and academic institutions and their affect on regional innovation. You can read the report, Universities as Knowledge Managers: Are Collaborative Efforts Between Schools of Business and the Business Community Contributing to Knowledge Capital? presented by Dr Veronica Kalich (United States) and Dr Joyce A. Banjac (United States) presented at the Fourth International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change, University of Greenwich, London.

The paper examines the proposition that knowledge assets are developed due to collaborative alliances between universities and the private business sector.

Read more here.
Email Dr. Banjac for the full paper at: jbanjac@myers.edu


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