Creating an Environment of Transparency: Open Standards Open Innovation

It's tough to dare to be transparent it you are not accustomed to behaving that way. The change is like holding your nose and jumping off into a pool of what you know will be cold water. But once you're in and begin to see the benefits, it starts to make sense and you will wonder what took you soooo long.

On the ground, the new behavior standards look like blogging, building wikis, working on new projects with groups of people, sharing your calendar link with others, sending and returning group emails, responding appreciatively when someone behaves poorly, listening to others and valuing their ideas. Transparency sounds like positive, open, pro-active conversation about new ideas, invitations, contacts and funding resources. Sharing and building trust. First grade stuff.

The CED has published a new report on what transparency needs to look like for research. The Committee for Economic Development published "Open Standards, Open Source, Open Innovation: Harnessing the Benefits of Openness" April 17, 2006.

Read the news release here.

Open innovation, whether on the ground or within the walls of any institution, takes the discipline of new standards to guarantee the neutral environments entrepreneurs need to pursue opportunities quickly and move out ahead of the curve.


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