Midtown Wednesdays: Change Brings Opportunity for NEO Film Industry

Date: Wednesday, February 1
Time: 5:00 P.M. to 6:45 P.M.
Place: Myers University, Chester Campus
3921 Chester Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44114
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Last week's Sundance Film Festival announced that Web, digital cable and satellite distribution for homes, computers and handheld gadgets will be able send movies to every corner of the world instantly. Waiting for movie releases will be a thing of the past. Read more here.

Independent filmmakers are seizing the opportunity to reshape the movie industry with digital technology and new forms of Internet entrepreneurship. These changes demand a myriad of skills and jobs in software, production, logistics, artistic talent and sound design.

Join us to learn how you can connect to a new film incubator initiative in Midtown. Let's promote regional talent and build a robust, collaborative arts and entertainment industry in NEO.

Forum Leader:

Alex Michaels, Knight Studio, a division of Prelude2Cinema

Visit the Movie Incubator proposal here.

Learn more:

Ireland makes a pitch to Bollywood for jobs. More here.

You don't need to go to LA for training anymore. Here's how one community college in Shreveport, Louisiana creates curriculum keeping hopefuls closer to home. More.

Notes from last week's forum "Citizen Journalism Accelerates New Networks" are posted here.

Coming up: Wednesday, February 8: Building Incubators in Midtown

Time: 5:00 P.M. - 6:45 P.M.
Place: Myers University, Chester Campus
Cleveland, OH 44103

Questions? Contact:

Betsey Merkel, Network Development
The Institute for Open Economic Networks (I-Open)
Cleveland MidTown Innovation Center
4415 Euclid Ave., Suite 310
Cleveland, OH 44103 USA
Tel. 216-246-2447


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