COMMENT: ECity and E4S

Susan Miller Says:

Holly Harlan is so busy advancing the Sustainability agenda at Entrepreneurs for Sustainability. And she is doing a bang up job of it! If only she had the staff and or time to suggest a sustainability curriculum insertion for ECity's new Entrepreneurs Prep School.

But EPrep is still hiring teachers according to their website.

Might there be an entrepreneur for sustainability who is ready to help prepare the next generation? Or a teacher who is ready to branch out into a new area of middle and high school curriculum (read science + economics)?

Could E4S interest The Entrepreneurship Preparatory School in a series of lectures? We are becoming better at building the links.

This seems like a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor, before these kids launch into the business world. Would it not be great to expand their thinking beyond the old school business model and have them consider how to put sustainability systems in place from the very beginning of their business planning?

Imagine classes of students from the EPrep School matriculating through the Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs or the CSU Business School and then through the Erb Institute at University of Michigan. Wow!

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This comment is at this address. Perhaps if it cannot come up, Mr. Zitzner or someone who is teaching entrepreneurship can address it by replying to the post.


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