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Video game ‘slackers‘ target of Orlando media fair
By Barbara Liston Tue Jan 24, 3:25 PM ET

ORLANDO, Florida - While many parents look at teenagers tethered to video game controls and see slackers, Dr. James "Butch" Rosser, chief of minimally invasive surgery at Beth Israel Israel Medical Center in Manhattan, sees potential surgeons.

Rosser says laparoscopic surgeons who have played video games can perform surgery 27 percent faster with 37 percent fewer errors. Laparascopy uses a scope to perform abdominal or pelvic operations through a small incision.

Rosser‘s video game skills study, and his "Top Gun 4 Kids" surgical skills games, are one of the features of Otronicon, a unique 10-day digital media festival under way this week in Orlando, Florida.

The festival, targeting 11- to 18-year-olds, has the long-range strategy of building a trained local work force that can grapple with future digital technology business.

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