The Short List for Thursday's Working Meeting

Notes for Next Steps for the Thursday Working Group, follow up to last week's Midtown Wednesday forum. Hosted at the office of NEAD Partners. Map Link

Infrastructure to Build
1) Ongoing engagement process to teach new practices and tools for economic development. Open to civic, government, academic and business stakeholders
2) Midtown Business Network List
3) Communication platform(s)
4) Midtown Mutual Fund

Some Next Steps:

1) Resources to identify
Inventory Midtown resources and capabilities
Midtown guidebook
Promote cuurent success stories

2) How to Connect
Online calendar
PBWiki - virtual workplace
Brand: we are all witnesses
Video documentation of Midtown

3) F2F Programs & Events
Block party
bark at moon
Midtown Mornings: at 5 different Midtown venues
Midtown Wednesdays - open forums at a local cafe
BiMonthly working groups/forum "Midtown Thursdays"
Technology/BioTech Center - Haviland
Church Gallery event
Midtown Farmers Market

4) Communication platforms
Flyers that are emailed as PDF's
Video Boards
Taste tents

5) Sense of Place
Innovation Cafe
Perkins Plaza
Green space/reclaim
Victory gardens
Farmers market
Create Saturday Jaunt map

6) Build a diverse funding platform for initiative support
fund raisers
MT Mutual Funding via Nat'l City
City of Cleveland
Nationwide Wide Insurance
Parkwood Financial Group

7. Promos
Midtown Cash
MT Credit Card
Frequent Buyer Program


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