What's your economic development value proposition?

Here is a past post from Ed Morrison's blog, ED Pro. It's worth repeating:

"Economic development is emerging as the ultimate competitive weapon and what is a major contributing factor to the speed? Networks.
"Of course, speed has been important in business ever since the California Gold Rush. What's changed in recent years is that a slew of new techniques make it possible to get things done much faster. Start with global outsourcing. A vast network of suppliers around the world stands ready to do everything from manufacturing products to drawing up legal contracts. This helps companies create supply chains that are faster, more flexible, and more efficient than ever before." Go to Business Week here.
Another factor is to stop using old methods.  "Most are still bogged down in bureaucracy and old modes of doing things."

...How well do you build open economic networks? Not sure? Register for the Baldwin Wallace College June 29 & 30 (see side bar) and learn from some of the best.


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