May Issue: Ontario's Regional Economic Development and Innovation Newsletter

Index of this month's newsletter ORED available here


* Toronto to Become the Largest WiFi Zone in Canada
* Canada to Play a Key Role in Biggest Science Experiment in History

Editor's Pick
* People and Excellence: The Heart of Successful Commercialization

Innovation & Related Policy
* The Knowledge Filter and Economic Growth: The Role of Scientist Entrepreneurship
* The Evolving Role of Governments in the 21st Century Economy: Summary of Interviews and Roundtable Discussions

Clusters & Regions
* Building Blocks for Place-Making Policy
* Problems and Prospects for Clusters in Theory and Practice

* Innovation in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology: Comparing National Innovation Systems at the Sectoral Level

Statistics & Indicators
* Dashboard Indicators for Ohio
* Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Sector Profile, 2005

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