A New Approach to Innovation: Collaborative Research Networks

In Creating Collaborative Advantage, Science and Technology, Winter 2006, authors Leonard Lynn (Case) and Hal Salzman (Urban Institute) report on their study of engineering research centers across the US. They argue that American policymakers need a new approach to supporting innovation.

The researchers contend that reforms, such as increasing US public spending on basic research, are ignored and fail to address key structural shifts in the global economy. No longer able to be ‘number one’ in all research areas and with the diffusion of technology skills and knowledge around the world, the US must take a collaborative approach for mutual technological gain and development.

Lynn and Salzman recommend that training in collaboration and communication become a central part of all science and engineering training. They also support more open scientific exchange across borders as well as immigration policies that allow more open circulation of researchers and scientific talent. Download the report here.


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