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Last night June Holley presented at Midtown Wednesdays at Myers University. June is a leading researcher and practitioner in innovation networks and part of her presentation described networking hubs.

June told me that the I-Open office is a perfect example of a little networking hub. And it is. People are always stopping by to say hi, hang out and tell us what they are doing and/or to find out what I-Open is all about. The first person anyone sees when passing by our open door is Betsey Merkel. Betsey is constantly asking people who they are, requests business cards, finds out where they work and what are they passionate about, would they like to host a forum, and how can I-Open help strengthen their work.

Just imagine hundreds of small networking hubs happening across the region. People reaching out to help others so that everyone has an opportunity to grow and prosper.

I-Open is building an Innovation Zone in Midtown - a quality connected place where innovative and entrepreneurial activity occurs. How many Innovation Zones can we create in Northeast Ohio?

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