Top Ranked Barriers to Innovation in Business

Building open economic networks and new collaborative behaviors can accelerate the transparencies needed to move quickly in or out of the four walls of any organization.

Here's a clip from this week's National Dialogue on Entrepreneurship newsletter:

The April 24, 2006 edition of Business Week contains an interesting look at the world’s most innovative companies. Apple took the top spot, followed by (in order): Google, 3M, Toyota, and Microsoft. The survey also asked respondents to identify
the primary barriers to innovation. Slow development times ranked as the top obstacle, as firms cannot innovate quickly enough to meet rapidly changing customer needs. A lack of coordination ranked as the No. 2 challenge. Firms want
to enhance collaboration, but often find it difficult to work across different organizations and groups.

“The World’s Most Innovative Companies,” appears in the April 24, 2006 edition
of Business Week here.


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